At this time I need to suspend my campaign for Congress for NY's 2nd District. Because of necessary commitments to my business and personal obligations, I will not be able to commit 100% of my focus and the time that it would take to win this race. This is truly difficult for me to say because I have been talking to voters all over Long Island and they are ready for real change and it all starts on Long Island by beating Peter King and Lee Zeldin.

As I've said throughout my campaign, my number one priority is to thwart the reckless and dangerous Trump Republican agenda and work to remove those from office that support it. Though I will not be running, I fully intend to support those that are. Together we will undo the damage being done to our international standing, our environment and our American values.

- Tim

A father, husband and native Long Islander, Tim Gomes is an entrepreneur who has shown that you can look out for the bottom line, while caring about people. A graduate of SUNY Binghamton, Tim started his electrical manufacturing and distribution business out of a 3-car garage on Long Island in 1985 and today he employs 225 hard-working people, including 150 on Long Island. He has helped build a supportive business culture where employees are respected, encouraged to innovate, and treated well.

Tim's professional success is matched by his commitment to important causes, including protecting our environment. On the National Council of The Environmental Defense Fund's Corporate Partnerships program, he has shown that businesses can partner with environmentalists to protect the water, air and land that we cherish. Tim is also a board member of The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, helping to protect our communities by keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals.